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And wow, a whole website just about me!


Hi! In case you didn't see, ignored, or are just completely oblivious to the big, colored letters above, I'm Bookie0. Nice to meet you! :)

I'm an aspiring front-end developer interested in web design. Apart from coding, I like gaming, playing ping-pong and piano (not at the same time), and reading.


Here are some websites I've made.

I've also made some tutorials, check them out here.

Product Page

A product page for the Weekly 5 challenge. A responsive site with a navbar, landing page, features page, and buy page. Showcases the colors, design aspects, tech specs, and accessories of Apple's iMac 24".

Good Pizza Great Pizza

A responsive pizza restaurant website! Based on the game Good Pizza Great Pizza, includes a home page, menu page, why us page, contact page (business hours + book a table + contact info), footer with links, order page, and even a page to create your own pizza!


A clock for the Weekly 7 challenge. Design based on my own real clock (check out README.md to see how it actually looks like!) Features period (am/pm), time, alarm, and temperature. Only the time works.

Style Gallery

A website with a gallery of uniquely styled pages. There are landing pages, feature pages, pricing pages, about pages, and product pages. Use these styles for your own websites!

Frontend Blog

The responsive frontend of a blog with the theme of photography. Features many different pages such as a home page, articles page, about me/us page, and more!

Father's Day Card

Happy Father's Day! A specially made Father's Day CSS card that flips and reveals a message.

iPhone 12

An iPhone 12 made in HTML, CSS, and some JS. Includes a lock screen, passcode, camera app, and home screen. Is as realistic and looks virtually the same as the actual iPhone!


The front-end of a dashboard. Fully responsive and has light/dark theme! Includes a sidebar, cool animations, charts, and more!

Chat App

The front-end design of a chat app for the Weekly 6 challenge. Features a sidebar with ongoing conversations, online status', a way to send messages, files, and emojis, and icons for calling.

Product Showcase Website

This website showcases a product; it's a sort of template you can use. Has a navbar, problem, features, about, contact, and footer section. Plus, it's responsive, so you can view it on any device!

Mother's Day Card

Happy Mother's Day! A gift for all mothers, made with purely with HTML and CSS. Features fade-in title, text, floating hearts, and it's also responsive.

Portfolio Template Site

A sci-fi/space-themed portfolio template site which you can directly edit. You can also download it the final site, and even edit the newest version again. Instructions in README.md.


Get in touch and start a conversation!

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πŸ‘‰ Discord – Bookie0#7538

πŸ‘‰ Email – cpj98789@gmail.com

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